The Delphi Circuit Stompers was formed late in 1999 as a challenge from Delphi Divisional Engineering Directors. 

Den Black, a chief engineer at Delphi Harrison Thermal Systems at the time, was assigned the task of forming the team. 

Den and a Delphi Thermal recruitment team communicated with many local schools to see if they were interested in supporting a FIRST Robotics program. Newfane High School was ultimately selected. 

In 2000  eighteen students from Newfane High School were assisted by Den Black, Paul Bruski, Jim Christen, Don Enzinna, Thom Glaser, Tom Grupp, Mark Parisi, Thomas Urbank, Norm Weber, Lindsey Williams, Joel Yacono, mentors from Delphi , and teachers Tom Fare, Shelia Flanagan, Henri Kursten, Bill Neidlinger as they began their rookie season. In their first year the Circuit Stompers learned much and were recognized as an outstanding rookie team.

In 2002 our corporate sponsor wanted to expand the robotics program to other schools. To do this our team invited students and teachers from Lockport High School to join us.  For the next two years both schools met at the Newfane site and were quite successful winning the Leadership in Controls Award, the Toronto Regional, and the Newton Division at the 2003 Championship.

In 2004 Lockport started its own robotics team known as the Warlocks. What started as a small group of 18 students had now become two successful teams. 

In 2005 the team won the Delphi Drive Tomorrows Technology, and the Johnson and Johnson Sportsmanship Awards.

In 2006 the team won the General Motors Industrial Design Award at the Greater Toronto Regional.

In 2008 the team won The Website Award at both the Finger Lake Regional and Greater Toronto Regional.

In 2009 the team won the Creativity Award and the Website Design Award at the Finger Lake Regional.

In 2010 the team won the Safety Award at the Buckeye Regional. 

In 2011 the team won the Excellence in Design Award, and the Quality Award at the Pittsburgh Regional. The team also won the Industrial Safety award at Washington DC Regional.

In 2014 Scott Scheffler (A Mentor) won the Woodie Flowers Finalist Award at the Buckeye Regional. The team also won the Buckeye regional, where Ryan Driscoll (A student) also became a FIRST Dean's List Finalist.

In 2015 the team won the Finger Lakes regional, and won the Industrial safety Award.

In 2016 the team competed at The Fingerlakes Regional and made it to the semi-finals.